feb 26, 2013 (tues)

After breaking camp and moving the rig closer to the road for security, Sam and I biked over to Mexico for our dental appointments.

Dr. Reyes' office

I'd been dreading a root canal for a few days now. Had to wait until my cough had subsided enough to get through the procedure. I've only had a root canal one other time. It cost me $900 dollars and another $500 for the crown about 3 years ago. This would be the same tooth I just had ripped out of my mouth. It started going south within a year.

When I got there, they asked if I could wait an hour. I didn't have much choice now, did I? Fortunately, for me, 

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December 17th, 2012 (monday)

The sky was cloudy and gray this morning. A bright gray, that still makes you grab for your sunglasses anyway. That's the way it is on a on an overcast day in the desert. Sam seemed a little down. He gets as gloomy as the weather. We had just had 2 beautiful sunny warm days perfect for hooping.. and hooping and hooping some more.

Our food stores are getting low on some staples and we are at a seriously small amount of decent chocolate. Coveting the last 6 squares of Black and Green 85% dark. We are headed to Pahrump on Thursday. Not sure what they'll have there that's edible, but it will be better than anything around here.

The clouds cleared after breakfast. We splurged and each had 2 fried eggs on our buckwheat with chopped olives and green tobasco sauce. It was pretty good, but I'm getting sick of buckwheat. We have rice and beans to eat and we spent this evening popping popcorn and cooking 3 OG burgers over the coals left by burning the last of the firewood. I saw 2 shooting stars, but Sam missed them both.

Since the sun had come out, to our surprise, we took advantage of the warm weather to, of course, hoop. We took some video and then, dummy me (again), managed to shove the SD card with the days hooping video into the dvd slot. A little bit was hanging out, but it slipped into the darkness as I tried to remove it. I turned on my computer and I got an error message and it won't start. It's making an intermittent whining noise in the dvd bay. In all the years I've been using technology, I've never broken a device, not even while traveling. And now I've killed 2 devices in 1 week. What's the universe trying to tell me?

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February 25, 2013

This trip has been a real eye opener when it comes to food and household products. I am so used to being able to order online or run over to Whole Foods or Trader Joe's to find clean, usable products. Once you get below Vegas, however,it's a different story. We've been in the Yuma area for weeks now and have a couple more weeks to go. Our best option for food and stuff is Walmart. I know, I know, don't hate me. It's out of desperation. We have spent waaaaay too much time trying to find clean food. Then we ran out of dish and laundry soap. That took even more time to find something that wasn't so over fragranced it would make me gag. You know that chemical smell that lingers on the dishes and your hands?

Frustrating trip to the "grocery" store

We went to a local grocery store in Yuma, spent some time and ended up 

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February 6th, 2013 cont'd

After we ate, John said he would take us to the dental clinic that a friend of his owned. Of course we wanted to check it out, so we made the short jaunt to Avenue B. John was talking to us and grabbed for the door handle, only to discover 

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