December 14th, 2012 (friday)
We checked out Furnace creek CG, just down the road from Texas Spring CG. Not much privacy there and more people. Also a few dollars more expensive than the others. We decided to venture over to Stove Pipe Wells CG. About 24 miles NW of Texas Spring. It's near the dunes, pretty spectacular. We stopped at the day use area and made some lunch. It was rainy and windy and pretty miserable out, but we were warm and dry in our little RV. Just up the road is Stove Pipe CG.
It's a big parking lot surrounded by beautiful, awe inspiring mountains. There are no fire rings or picnic benches for the RV spots, but since this place is pretty deserted right now, we were allowed to pick a tenting spot, which are on the periphery, have tables and fire rings and, backed strategically at an angle, we have views of the mountains and the back 40 from here. Lovely...
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