Wednesday, February 25

We sure picked a good winter to get stuck in central Oregon. Between the chemo I had last spring and cataract surgery on both eyes this winter, I've once again managed to get us 

back in debt. It's what I do best. Lucky for me my husband doesn't hold it against me. This has been the trend for our nearly 30 years together. We can't rub 2 nickles together, but we're in it as a team. Except for some frigid weather before Thanksgiving, it's been mild here, unlike back east where my family lives. They've had relentless cold and snow. I've (almost) felt bad for spending so much time outside soaking up the sun. We've even been able to hoop outside, so we didn't renew our gym membership this month. The roosters from next door have been visiting complete with with chickens in tow. Sam made the mistake of putting some barley outside and we haven't been able to get rid of them. They are good at pooping on the concrete. They don't like the broom or the spray bottle full of water. I don't care if they are on the lawn, but STAY OFF MY HOOPING AREA!

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