January 12, 2012

An RV mecca

We found one of the long term visitor parking areas (LTVA run by the BLM) and pulled into the rough, sandy area where we saw a few other RVs parked. It was dark and the wind was howling, blowing sand and rocking our little RV. It was too late to buy a pass, and since we weren't sure we were going to stay, Sam got up before day light the next morning and drove around town a bit while I lolligagged in bed. After a while, we decided on a spot at the La Posa south LTVA. There were a number of RVs there, but not as many as I expected. We didn't even know Quartzsite, the mecca for snowbirds, existed until SB, from our Death Valley days, told us about it. She had never been there, but read about it. A seasons pass to stay at the LTVAs is 

$180, from Sept. 15th-April 15th (oh well, next year). We ended up buying a 2 weeks pass for $40 and renewed it every 2 weeks, staying there nearly a month. We found the best bakery ever, and being from New England, land of wicked good donuts, that's saying a lot.

Quartzsite bakery. Not to be missed!

The weather was bitter cold and seriously windy for the first week. We barely ventured outside, except to visit the pit toilets and get water. We had stocked up at whole foods and trader joe's in Vegas, so we were eating pretty good. The weather finally turned nice and the wind died down, so we ventured out more. Sam met a man, B, down the way who had been coming to Quartzsite for nearly a decade. He knew the stories of most of the other RVers around us. His wife, E, is from the Philippines and they were selling their 5th wheel and truck so they could move over there to be close to her family. She was telling us how inexpensive, but good quality, health care is there. They pay the doctors directly, no insurance. Go figure. If we could ever swing it, we'd love to go visit them. 

From pics for blog

Every year, there's a big RV show in Quartzsite, that draws thousands of people. Suddenly, our little neighborhood got very crowded. At least that only lasted about a week. We went to the show and ended up buying a portable solar panel. It's been a gawd send. 

We started hearing more and more about Algodones, MX and what a mecca it is for dental work. Being that I had radiation to my jaw when I was 15, I've struggled with teeth issues for years. I couldn't afford to fix anything in the states any more, so we headed to Winterhaven, CA to boondock it in the Quechan Casino parking lot, just a couple miles outside the MX border. It felt good to move on from Quartzsite. Great place, but we just needed to wander a bit. 

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