The week of March 3rd, 2013

Sammy chillin' in our "backyard". Just north of Algodones, MX

I've spent the last week enjoying Algodones. Considering that the first day I came over the border, I got a tooth pulled (turned out to be a difficult, surgical extraction), I've not exactly had much fun over there. I couldn't eat the food and certainly didn't feel like drinking.. it was kind of a bummer. On top of that, I got pneumonia about 4 days after the extraction. My main goal, at that point, was to stay out of the hospital. Thanks to my nurse, Sammy, a 4 day course of

 Amoxicillin, followed by high dose vitamin C, oregano oil caps, mushroom complex and probiotics, mission accomplished! After about 10 days recovery, I was ready to go back over and have a root canal, what fun! So, I spent the 1st month here in pain, recovering from pneumonia and just plain being miserable. 

We went back to Algodones last Tuesday, for my permanent crown. On Thursday, we went back again so Dr. Reyes could look in my mouth and assess the rest of what I would need done. I knew I had some cavities, but hadn't addressed them. After taking a good look, he assured me that my cavities could all wait until next year. He wanted to put crowns on my teeth to strengthen them and avoid problems down the road. He wouldn't do any fillings at this time. I was unsure about all this because I didn't want to end up needing a root canal or something after I got back up north. It would cost me a lot more money and I didn't even want to contemplate another root canal if I could avoid it. I could understand why he was all over crowns instead of fillings, but I still wasn't sure. I left his office happy to have avoided more pain for the moment. So, we got something to eat and then sat on the main street watching people. 

The main street, Algodones, Baja, MX

As we were sitting there, I looked over and saw who I thought was D, from the Quechan parking lot. Sam yelled her name, and sure enough, it was her. She was with some girlfriends and they had all driven down from Quartzsite for the day. We said hello and met her friends and then they said they were off to the "patio" and pointed down the street. J had taken us there before, so we knew where it was. After they left, we sat at the tables a while longer and then decided to head over their way. The line was too long to get back across the border, so what the heck, right? When we got there, they were sitting at a table and beckoned us to pull up a couple of chairs. D had bought some tattoo sleeves and started some kind of frenzy. Before we knew it, it seemed everyone had bought them and were wearing them on their arms and legs. A bunch of 70+ year olds out on the dance floor with their tattoo sleeves. It was awesome to see. After a few drinks and some time went by, we all ventured toward the line. We had to go get our bikes, so we didn't see the girls again, but a good time was had by all. 

On Saturday, we went back to the dentist, again. I had done an internet search, crowns vs fillings and was not comfortable with doing nothing for a year. Dr. Reyes, again, examined my mouth and assured me that it wasn't that bad. He said the cavities were all small and just in the enamel. He didn't want me to waste money by paying for fillings that wouldn't last. Again, I sprang from the dental chair, relieved to leave pain free. On Thursday, we had told R, Dr. Reyes front end guy who we had become friends with, that we wanted to go for a drink with him on Saturday. So, we met up with him later that day and he took us to a little place down the road for the best quesadillas I've ever had. Later, his friend from Yuma came over and we all ended up at the Green Door, the other strip club. Then, we went and had ceviche. It was a great evening, and we didn't end up waiting too long at the border by the time we left. 

R, S and me. New friends!!

Sammy of the Sonoran Desert

So, otherwise, we've just been slacking and enjoying our camp spot. There is plenty of space for walking and exploring. Since we had rain last week, things are blooming.




The only hindrance has been a low blood pressure issue that had been making me feel like I'm going to pass out any minute. I've been trying to power through it. My cousin, a nurse, suggested caffeine, as in coffee. I had an Aha! moment. We had stopped drinking coffee a week or so before I started having low blood pressure symptoms. One of our new friends brought some coffee beans by, just a random act of awesomeness, a day or so earlier, so we were equipped for an experiment. I started drinking coffee again and, Voila!, I was able to walk around without feeling like I was going to pass out. It still comes and goes, even with coffee, but it's a whole lot better now. 


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