Tuesday dec 3rd 2013


We finally got a weather update on the radio at Comb Wash BLM. Looks like there is a small storm brewing that could dump 2-4 inches. Since we were in the high lands, the temperatures were suppose to drop to the teens during the day and single digits at night. It's a challenge keeping it warm enough in here when it's that cold, so we packed up and moved on. We stopped at the Natural Bridges visitor office and checked out the campground. It's nice enough, but maybe another time of year. The highlight of the drive was seeing a bobcat cross the road. He was huge!


I got just enough internet along the way to find out that it should be 10-15 degrees warmer in the lower elevation. So we struck out for the 3 mile 10% downhill grade gravel road Sam saw on the map. It was hairpin turns and a spectacular view. This is my favorite part of the country so far, and I've been a lot of places in this here United States of America.


We drove down the Mexican Hat Rock road and checked out the balancing rock. Looks like it could topple off it's perch at any moment. The off shoot roads that were clear for camping were more suitable for vehicles with high clearance, which we are definitely not. So we turned around and went back to the main road. I got some spotty 1x internet and was able to see that Gooseneck State Park, which we had passed a few miles up the road, was suppose to be good for at least an overnight. WOW! We had no idea. It is absolutely gorgeous. Well worth the 4 miles or so down the access road. Except for a few people taking pictures, we pretty much have this spot all to ourselves. It is a wide parking area with some trash cans and picnic tables. Just over the cliff is river that has cut through the canyon. It's so panoramic that I don't think any camera can do it justice. But of course, I had to try.


So glad to have a place to hang it for the night and maybe until the storm passes. Right now, there are some patches of blue sky amongst the clouds and it looks like it could be a glorious sunset.

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