Monday, Dec 2nd, 2013 (mom's birthday)


Yesterday, we got up and it was dreary, yet again. We hadn't seen the sun since Wednesday afternoon. We headed into Moab to get more water, gas and propane, since we had no idea where we would end up. We got an Americano at the Red Rock Bakery. It was good, though a bit overpriced for just 2 shots. We were starving, so we hit a Mexican place Sam had seen earlier. He got a green chile, pork, egg and bean breakfast burrito. It was soooo good. Much better than fatty bacon.


When Sam went to refill the water, he came back with a surprise. Starbucks! It was funny 'cause I was just that minute googling Starbucks on the off chance, and voila!! Coffee good...


After getting what we needed in Moab, we headed south down 191. We came across the access road for Canyonlands, 34 miles in and 34 miles back out. We couldn't quite decide. Sam was leaning toward Canyonlands, but I wanted to head toward Arch Canyon. I had been reading snippets here and there about it and was hoping we would find dispersed camping. After driving for what seemed an eternity, we were nervous because we had no more internet and it was getting dark. About 14 miles up Utah 95 off 191, we saw the BLM camping area up ahead. We were both road weary and thankful to see it. No one around, it's super quiet and has pit toilets. Yay!


Today, we had a relaxed morning and then took the RV up to Arch Canyon road. It was 2 miles in to Arch Canyon. The road was passable even with our rig, but there were a few iffy spots. We managed to make it to the hiking area. The road was washed out, we couldn't drive all the way in so we had to hoof it. We started up a hillside of slick rock, and the view just kept getting more beautiful. So I challenged myself and made it all the way up to where these huge boulders were. So glad I did. We saw our very first petroglyphs. It was so totally cool. I think the native Americans must have seen aliens. Some of the images look like aliens in space helmets.


We could see the ruins down below from atop our mountain. Remnants of rock walls. After we came back down, we went across the parking lot and crossed the river. Then we walked up to the highest point on the other side. After several asthma attacks and hot flashes, I slowly made my way up. Another gorgeous view. On the way down, we stopped at another ruin. We try to imagine what it was like, back then. Tending to the basic needs of life with only rocks and sticks, pretty much.


Were back in camp now. Sam is making much deserved pulled pork tacos, the last of the Pono farms until we open the other package at Christmas. Time to eat!

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