Thursday, November 28, 2013 (Thanksgiving)


We find ourselves with no real map, no phone and no data service. We had been to Arches,/Moab area in the early 90's with our bikes and our dog and it was really a cool area. Although we made the mistake of going through there in July (I got heat stroke and was wicked sick for 3 days), we were able to disperse camp just about anywhere. There were other hardy souls there, but it wasn't crazy. Now, because this area has become so popular and people have abused it, the BLM has built maintained campgrounds and there is NO dispersed camping anywhere inside of Arches. The fee is $15 a night. There are too many people in the world.


We were highly disappointed. Half the fun of doing the road trips is finding off-the-beaten-track dispersed camping, like a game. The BLM has usually been good for that, but we can see changes happening with free or inexpensive camping beginning to disappear.


We decided to follow 128 along the Colorado outside of the park in hopes of finding the perfect dry camping spot. We found ourselves stopped for some road construction, so we asked the guy who was holding the stop sign if he knew of any dispersed camping in the area and he directed us up the road to a cut off for the old Dewey bridge, which he said got burned down by a family a few years ago. It's charred remains and dangling cables were all that was left. So we took the cut off and headed down a red dirt road. We saw a trailer camped near the beginning of the road, which started to curve upward, so we ventured forth. We went up, up, up for a while and then leveled out. We found the perfect spot, unfortunately, someone had gotten to it before us. So we kept going. The road started going down and we ended up in a rather dark, bowl-like area where there were some other campers, but not a very good view. We reached a dead end and had to turn around. The ground was a thick, greasy layer of red earth. Any wetter and we would never have made it back up the road. The spot over from the “perfect” spot with the Airstream, had a white truck parked in it. It was in that spot when we went by it the first time. Sam decided that he didn't think it was a camper, maybe just someone off hiking. The spot was big, so we pulled in and parked it. Sam was outside when Airstream guy came over and said he was saving the spot for a caravan that was supposed to show up later. He had already been there a week. He wasn't even sure if they would come, but he warned us, if they did, they had lots of kids and some not-so-friendly dogs. We decided to take our chances. Glad we did, 'cause they never showed up. Airstream moved his truck last night, so we figure, today, we claim this as our spot. Not sure for how long, but at least for tonight. It's super foggy and cold. It's supposed to be this way for the next couple of days, so we'll probably take off tomorrow. It's nice to be off the road. 

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