Wednesday, November 27, 2013


After driving way too far from Jackpot, NV to Salt Lake City we ended up at Trader Joe's (thank you GPS) to do some shopping before Thanksgiving. It was a madhouse in there, but we managed to get what we needed and get out. Salt Lake is huge and we thought it would take forever to get back on the open road. It was getting late, so we ended up spending Tuesday night at a wayside stop between Price and Provo. It was a busy place with families stopping to let their kids run wild after being cooped up in cars on their way to grandmas. Trucks coming and going most of the night. Not very restful, but still ok for an overnight. It had a railroad theme and, while the building looked nice from outside, it smelled like a giant fart when you got inside. The smell was from the sulfur water that came out of the faucets. Once I identified this fact, I was ok with it. The restrooms were kinda gross, but adequate.


Arches is our destination to ride out the Thanksgiving holiday. 

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