Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Casinos in much of Nevada (outside Las Vegas and Reno) are often great places to overnight on the way to somewhere else. Last night at Cactus Jack's in Jackpot, NV was no exception. We didn't see any other dry campers in the lot and there was an RV park near the casino. Sam went inside to ask the front desk if it was ok to dry camp for the night. He got a rather ambiguous answer, but was not told “no”. Since the RV park did, indeed, belong to the casino, it was a gamble that we wouldn't get kicked out, but hey, we were in a casino parking lot, afterall.

We had some dinner and then decided to go in and check out the casino. We ended up getting club cards and $15 of free slot play. The guy at the service desk was hysterical. He was chatty and fun, not always the case in casinos. He got us our cards and then told us we got free pies, all we had to do was swipe the cards in the kiosk and then come back to the desk. So we turned and walked the 10 ft to the kiosk and came right back, where he had 2 pies waiting for us. The choices were apple and pumpkin. He had picked out one of each, but we fooled him when we asked for 2 pumpkin.

Sam took the pies out to the rig and then came back to do some slot playing. We found a couple of 5 cent machines and started whittling away at our free play. We each had a complimentary bloody mary and tipped the waitress a buck. After all was said and done, we walked away with $8.90 in their money, minus the buck for the waitress makes $7.90 profit, enough for a Thanksgiving celebratory six-pack of good beer. Yay!! 

We got back to the rig and, with no note on the windshield or anything, we had a peaceful, uninterrupted night. Thanks Cactus Jack's, for upholding the Nevada tradition of being friendly to these RVers. Much obliged!! 

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