Sunday, November 24, 2013


After some delays, we are finally on the move again. Before we got going, it turned frigid cold and we couldn't get the RV started. Luckily, with Sam's Mcgyvery skills and our friend SMartin Enginerd (ok, I made that up, but you may hear me refer to him from time to time.) and his expert advice, the trouble was successfully shot and we were able to get Funji (the RV) to start on a consistent basis.


We are due in Santa Fe on the 14th of December, so we have plenty of time to make our way there. After spending the night in a rest stop about 20 miles west of Burns, OR, we got up later than we should have and, after getting ourselves together, headed into town to try out Bella Java. It got good reviews, that I could see. We needed coffee badly and was looking forward to it, only to find that the town was pretty much shut down, it being Sunday and all. That was disappointing...


So, we headed down the road with no food and no coffee, already breaking one of our cardinal road rules: ALWAYS set out with beverage and food in hand. We were suppose to go toward Elko, NV, but took a wrong turn and ended up driving toward Vale,Oregon. Not sure how that happened, but we decided, after a little arguing, some reasoning and a whole lot of back and forth, to go with the mistake, head toward the Owyhee river area and seek the Snively hotsprings. After stopping at a wayside and making coffee and bagels w/lox and cream cheese, we were reinvigorated and ready for an adventure.


Thanks to cross referencing between my smartphone and those old-school Gazetteers Sam loves so much, we found the hot springs. Since my phone fell out of service area, Sam's maps came in pretty handy. Snively is primitive and accessible by a day use area. There were people there and it was getting dark, so we drove a ways up the road and found some camping to park overnight. Sam made some Mac n' Cheese (organic, of course) with spinach, dried tomatoes (yep, dried 'em myself) and orange pepper for dinner. He seasoned it up and it was super yummy. Comfort food on the road is the best!!


We will probably try for a soak again in the morning, if I don't chicken out 'cause it's been so cold. It's not the getting in, it's the final getting out that's hard for me. Although, I always feel so good afterward. We may camp here a couple of days, depends on how we like the hot spring....  


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