Summer 2013

I know what I did Last Summer

It was a whirlwind. We didn't get back from our winter road trip until May. We were very lucky a friend happened to be in need of “presence” at his house on the north end of Bend. He had pretty much been living with his girlfriend and his house was empty most of the time. He had some questionable neighbors on one side, so he was happy to have us house sit, tending to the yard and making ourselves known. Not hard to do with 2 vehicles in his driveway and our RV just behind the fence in his back yard.

So, we slept in the RV and had use of the kitchen, living room and our own bathroom. This fall, the rowdy neighbor's moved out and so did we.

I also spent 5 weeks in Maine. Most of July to the first week in August. My mother and 2 sisters

free beer by the ocean with my sisters. Does it get any better?

kept me very busy with hooping events, workshops, the farmer's market and every musical venue that would allow hooping. I love being near the water and get my fix when I go back to Maine every year. Lobster was cheap at between $2.99 and $3.99 a lb. I know they scavenge the bottom of the ocean, but whatever they're eating sure makes 'em taste yummy. My favorite way to eat lobster is good old fashioned lobster rolls, with mayo on white hot dog buns grilled with butter slathered on both sides. No lettuce, no celery, just salt and pepper. Prepared any other way is just wrong, wrong, wrong. However, the lobster mac n' cheese we had at a restaurant by the water was killer. My favorite sushi place, Sapporo, has the best sushi brunch deal on weekends. Fresh and foodgasmic.

I spent some time with my mom, aunt and first cousins on my mother's side. The last couple of summers, we seem to have started a tradition of going up to their cabin in Aroostook county (northern Maine, ayuh) on the lake. It has been so nice to reconnect with mom's side of the family. We have been estranged for many years, but were close when we were just little kids.

The very next day after landing back in Bend near midnight, we drove about an hour outside of Bend to attend Soaring Spirits cancer camp. This was our 3rd year of bringing hoops for people to try. The weather was pretty bad and they canceled horseback riding, kayaking, swimming, etc. We didn't get there until Sat. afternoon. Everyone is doing crafts and it was windy and raining off and on. We decided to bring out the music and hoops anyway. We were joined by several kids and adults and the sun came out for a bit. It turned out to be a perfect filler before the bar-b-que.

We spent September on the ranch of an acquaintance who needed someone to feed and water the horses for a week while he went to the coast to catch crabs. Sam got up and took care of it in the morning and sometimes I would go down to where the horses were for the second feeding. They were good therapy. There was also a sweet dog named Jack and a barn cat. I had a hard time petting the dog because I had seen how he digs and rolls in the piles of horse poop. He was so cute and friendly though, it was hard to totally avoid it.

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