February 6th, 2013 cont'd

After we ate, John said he would take us to the dental clinic that a friend of his owned. Of course we wanted to check it out, so we made the short jaunt to Avenue B. John was talking to us and grabbed for the door handle, only to discover 

 he opened the door to the dental clinic of Dr. Reyes, next door to the Alberta clinic, where he had meant to go. We went in anyway and found the man in the orange vest who had told us to go sit next to J earlier that morning. Weird? Kismet? I don't know, but I ended up getting an evaluation from Dr. Reyes, and went next door to get an evaluation at Alberta as well. I didn't care for the dental tech at Alberta. He looked in my mouth and tried to sell me on everything wrong with my teeth in a pushy, used car salesman way. Dr. Reyes was much more open, honest and humble. Later, John would tell us that the men in orange vests on the street yelling, “dentist, liquor, drugs” were ex cons deported back to Mexico from American jails. They are, for the most part, very personable and friendly. Richie, the man who hawks for Dr. Reyes, is also his office manager. He has 3 sisters and lived in Phoenix for 24 years. Unfortunately, he was the only one born in Mexico and got deported 3 years ago (he's only 27) because of some changes in immigration laws. He speaks very good english and has been helping us negotiate our dental work. Now he is scraping to make his way in Mexico and secure his future. He is a hard worker to be admired for sure. 

Dr. Reyes ended up pulling my tooth. Of course, it wasn't a simple extraction and he had to do a surgical procedure to get it out. It kept breaking off in little pieces. I was lucky, unbeknownst to me, he is a dental surgeon. It was brutal, but he got it done. Later, I read on the web, horror stories of people having extractions that turned surgical where the dentist wasn't a surgeon. The dentists had to stop mid procedure and get the surgeon. Some of the people even had to moved to a different facility. Pain and agony on top of pain and agony. I was a hurting unit when I left there. So after a quick stop at the pharmacy for antibiotics and pain killers, we headed toward the border.

The 2+ hour line to get back into America

I was ready to cry when I saw the line of people waiting to get back across the border. It took over 2 hours of standing there with my swollen, hurty face. My first day in Algodones? Interesting and painful.

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