Thursday, March 14, 2013

Since coffee has been working to help keep my blood pressure high enough to be able to function without feeling like I'm going to pass out, we looked around for some decent coffee in Algodones for a mid afternoon fix. Sam remembered seeing the sign for espresso, so we decided to give it a try. I went into it with low expectations, but we were both pleasantly surprised. 

Finally, found the good coffee!! Yummy Americano. 

16 oz, 2 shots, $1.95

Nice courtyard for sipping coffee...

After we had enough coffee to keep me going, we rode our bikes to the outskirts of town. John had taken us a couple of blocks down from where the tourists usually stop venturing when we first got here. We wanted to see a little more of how the locals lived beyond the 6 

 or so block radius where the gringos tend to stay. 

Dusty streets of the Algodones outskirts

Heading out of town

Land for sale. Not much smaller than some of the stuff 

we've looked at in Bend. Probably a lot less $ too.

There is extreme poverty behind the scenes

And wealth...

I'm sure there are hoarders in every country.

Just like in America, there appears to be not much of a middle class in Algodones. It is easy to see the discrepancy when you hit the outskirts of town. The bigger, nicer homes all belong to the dentists and doctors. There a few modest homes scattered about. But mostly they are shacks with cardboard patches and trash all around. Something most of the tourists don't normally see.   We felt at ease riding the back streets. The locals were waving and smiling. Very nice people. Richie told us that there are NO opportunities for people over 50 in Mexico. I thought it was bad in the states, but at least at 50+, you might be able to find some way to make a living. He is 27 and just bought a small plot of land about 20 minutes outside of Algodones. He plans to build a house for him and his mom over the next 3 years. He wants to be secure, which to him, means a house of his own, bought and paid for. The land was $3000 and he estimates about $5000 to build a small, but comfortable 2 bedroom house. He is smart and planning for the future. 

So, if you ever find yourself in Algodones, be nice to the street hawkers and the beggars. They are just trying to get by. 

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