December 11, 2012 (tuesday)


We had a dream. We had been living in Bend, OR for over a decade and, after numerous ups and downs, decided it was time for a change. We were renting a house for a few years and then moved into a warehouse space where Sam could fix up the Sunrader we've had for years. He ended up tearing out a lot of mold and rot and pretty much replacing the interior. It turned out very nicely, after a lot of blood, sweat and, I'm sure, tears (when I wasn't looking?). We answered an ad on Craig's list and ended up moving into an RV space at the beginning of the summer (2012). The property was located just outside of town. 

We lived there until November, 2012. During that time we did final touches on the RV and got it organized for traveling. We also had some garage sales and donated a bunch of stuff (anchors). We sold our old Camry. The AC blew strong, but she had 230,000 or so miles on her. We got $1000, and that was a miracle.

Last year, around December, we traveled down to Southern Cal with the RAV and a tent. The weather was cold and windy and it truly sucked.  We vowed to return this year with our RV. We left a little later than we wanted, but, here we are at Mesquite Camp Ground, in Death Valley.

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