January 8, 2013

We ended up driving directly to Laughlin, NV, since Las Vegas county seems to have turned RV unfriendly at most casino parking lots. Don Laughlin's casino resort ended up to be the friendliest RV dry camping casino lot so far. There is no time limit and they have armed security who patrol the lot and keep things under control. The staff at the casino are treated well and were super nice. A bonus was the non-smoking end of the casino, where we played poker machines for a nickle and consumed free beer.  What can I say, it's free entertainment and good people watching. The weather was still crappy, cold, rainy and windy as hell. It was unusally cold, as it was in Vegas for the entire house sit. We were told that it would be warmer in Quartzsite, AZ, so we braved the head wind and struck out for Lake Havasu. We couldn't find a place to stay that night, that was in our budget, so we did something we try to never do... traveled to Quartzsite, AZ in the dark and not knowing the lay of the land or what the heck we were doing. 


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