Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Since I've decided to not do much more with my teeth this year, except maybe get a second opion or two, we are just hanging out until we have to leave this coming weekend. We are running low on all food stores, but don't want to go to Yuma until we leave town. It's closer to ride our bikes across the border. So, we did just that. Didn't get over there until after 4pm, and the place was 

just getting rolled up. The vendors, food and goods, were all closed or closing up. We bought a couple of cans of Tecate and headed for the quesadilla stand. They were closed, but we were walking across the street from the chicken man's restaurant, where I had been getting the chicken soup that has helped nurse me back to health, when we heard "Hey, chicken soup". We looked over and he was beckoning us. Usually, by that time of day, he is out of chicken soup. So we veered back and went to his restaurant. He is often quite stoic in nature and doesn't smile much. The food is wicked good. He was in rare form tonight. Happy, smiling, playful and singing. It was really nice to see. He welcomed a photo opp and was a most gracious host. 

Sam and the chicken man

After talking to him a bit, we found out his restaurant is named for his nickname, Malcos tacos. 

Malcas tacos, a must for great food in Algodones

Chicken dinner

A chicken banquet


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