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We've been house sitting in the Seattle area for a month and now it's time to pack up and get back out there. I will miss the fluffy kitty, but not his vomit and his poo. He won't let us brush him and he has long, white, cotton candy fur. He grooms himself, but he's not very efficient at digesting hair. Between the little white pills and the sticky 

paste (laxatives) on his snacks, we managed to keep his system moving, but there are accidents and cling ons. I'm lucky 'cause Sam takes care of all that and the litter box.

We are at a crossroads right now with no real place to be. The RV space we had is no longer available and rents in Bend are outrageous. Job prospects are also scarce. If Sam gets a full time job it would probably just barely cover the cost of living. Every time we do a house sit, I can see how easy it is to become complacent and stagnant. With cable tv and unlimited internet, there are a lot of ways to waste time. It's a little too comfortable and now I feel spoiled. I will totally miss indoor plumbing, running water and space. So much space. But I won't miss the same old, same old every day. Domesticity is both enticing and repelling at the same time. I want it, but I loath it. Is there a balance? I guess if one has disposable income, it might come in handy for breaking up the monotony. But living on a shoe string, we barely left the house. And why would we, we have everything we need right here and I was never bored. 

Now reality is staring us in the face and we have some decisions to make. We've been batting around some ideas. Go back to Bend, Sam finds a job, we get an apartment, if we are lucky enough to find something we can afford that is not surrounded by pit bulls and meth heads, and try to save some money for future travels. Or, we go down south again, not traveling as far as we did last year, meet up with some friends we've met on the road, hang out in Arizona for as cheaply as possible and then come back in the spring and try to get something going....  again. We've even been talking about traveling back east. My family is back there, mostly in Maine and Florida and Sam's family is in Delaware and West Virginia. We have friends and acquaintances in North Carolina and Florida and probably some places in between. If we take our RV, it would cost over $3000 in gas by the time it was all said and done. If we don't take it, that means couch surfing. If we do, we have our home, but fewer places to park it than a vehicle. We can't tow an extra vehicle, so we would have to utilize our "home" as our only means of transportation. There may be some job opportunities back east, but that's a crap shoot. Right now, the future looks like a big black hole. So, I guess we'll go camping with some friends this weekend before we leave Washington and contemplate life, the universe and everything.   


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