Saturday, November 15th, 2014

 "You're too young for cataracts." That's what the eye doctor, the eye surgeon's techi and the eye surgeon all said. But I proved them wrong! Thanks to radiation therapy and the steroids that typically

 accompany chemo, my eyes, along with most of my other organs, think they are at least 20 years older than my chronological age. I went through menopause in my 40's, my heart beats 90+ at rest and always seems to be working a lot harder than it should, I have chronic lung problems and it's a constant battle keeping fibro and arthritis at bay.  

I am scared to death of that image on the right. I have read up on cataract surgery and am scheduled for the right eye on Monday, November 17th. Cataracts run in my family. My grandfather had cataracts. My father is in his mid 70's and just had his first surgery. He says his vision is much better. I was told they would give me some valium, but I'm not sure that will be enough. I've had biopsies, catheters (for chemo) and other procedures while awake and not one of them turned out to be as "simple" as I was told. There were complications with all procedures and I vowed I would never do another while still awake. But, alas, I have no choice. My insurance doesn't pay for anesthesia. It also doesn't cover the $600 per eye for toric lenses for astigmatism or the the $345 per eye surgery center fee. That's roughly $1000 per eye. I am thankful to have insurance to cover most of it, but $2000 is a big hit. I feel like we just start to inch forward and then "Bam!" another health issue forces us to accrue the credit card debt we're always trying to stay clear of. I was able to sign up for a no interest for 12 months medical credit card to pay for this, but if it doesn't get paid in the year, they charge 24.9% interest retroactive to when the debt was first accrued. OUCH!!! So we will be very motivated to pay it off. That means tightening our already tight belts to the point of cutting off our circulation in society. Poor Sammy, he's always left helping me dig my way out of medical debt. What's mine is his...

 I do like my eye surgeon. She seems really confident and has done over 6000 cataract surgeries. I  am going to take my Valium and release myself into her apparently capable hands. Still, the thought  of anyone messing around inside my eye is really creeping me out. Hmmm.. I don't have any Valium on  hand, but I have Xanax, so I might just have to get an early start. 

 My sisters' know how lucky they are. They are both a little older than me, but I keep going through  stuff first, so they have someone to consult. It just doesn't seem right. I should be turning to them  for advice on menopause, cataracts, arthritis, etc., but they are both healthy and strong. I am happy  for that, though, less for me to worry about. 

 *This is what I see out of right eye. I also have cataracts in my left eye, but the vision isn't too bad.  I am getting the left eye done on Dec. 1st. 





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